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1932 Birth of Halston

Roy Halston Frowick was born in Des Moines, Iowa.

1957 New York

Halston moved to New York City to work for famed milliner Lily Daché.

1959 Bergdorf Goodman

Halston accepted the role as Chief Milliner at the esteemed New York retailer, Bergdorf Goodman.

1960 Harper's Bazaar

Halston designs the first hat to ever be published on Harper's Bazaar.

1962 COTY Award

Halston designs the famous pillbox hat worn by Jacqueline Kennedy to JFK's presidential inauguration ceremony. The same year, he wins his first COTY award for innovation in millinery.

1966 Ready-to-Wear

Halston opens a boutique within Bergdorf Goodman, designing his first collection of women's ready-to-wear.

1968 Halston Boutique

Leaving the walls of Bergdorf Goodman, Halston opens up his first namesake boutique at 33 East 68th Street. It is the first luxury boutique to bear a designer's name.

1969 Second COTY Award

With the help of friend, Victor Hugo, Halston becomes the first designer to transform store windows and mannequins into Pop Art. The same year, Halston wins his second COTY award for his premiere solo collection.

1971 Third COTY Award

The same year Halston designs the iconic Ultrasuede Shirtdress, Halston wins his third COTY award.

1972 Fourth COTY Award

Newsweek dubs Halston the "Best Designer in All of the Americas." He wins his fourth COTY award.

1973 Palace de Versailles

Halston participates in the French versus American fashion competition held at Palace de Versailles.

1974 COTY Hall of Fame

Halston designs his iconic Tube Dress, an innovative, single-cut, single-seam dress. Halston wins his fifth and final COTY award, and is inducted into the COTY Hall of Fame.

1975 Best Fragrance of the Year

Halston releases his signature fragrance with a bottle designed by Elsa Peretti. It becomes the second best selling fragrance in history and wins the "Best Fragrance of the Year" Award.

1976 Commercial Uniforms

Halston designs uniforms for various commercial industries: Braniff Airlines, the US Olympic Team, Avis Car Rental and The Girl Scouts.

1977 Studio 54

Halston's grand love affair with music, art and fashion is solidified with the opening of famed nightclub Studio 54.

1980 Sportswear

Halston designs the first-ever sportswear collection for women. In the same year Halston travels to show his collection, the first designer ever to do so.

1983 Masstique

Halston is the first designer to enter the masstique category, bringing his designs to JC Penny in the first partnership of its kind.

2011 Ben Malka

Ben Malka is named CEO and Chairman, bringing with him a team of global innovators, including Chief Creative Officer, Marie Mazelis.

2012 Halston Heritage

HALSTON HERITAGE launches sportswear, dresses, and accessories to the global market.

2013 Halston Heritage Retail

HALSTON HERITAGE opens up its first retail locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Troy, Michigan with more to open later this year.